We must respect the Constitution!

U.S. Constitution

I love the U.S. Constitution. It’s one of the finest documents ever written in this country or in any country. I believe that it’s crucial that we cherish and uphold it.

Our country needs more people in high office who will respect and honor the Constitution. This is particularly important for anyone serving on the Supreme Court. I will take the business of appointing Justices to the Supreme Court very seriously, and will only appoint Justices who will uphold our laws and our Constitution. We will not have any more Justices who would take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

My opponents are trampling on the Constitution. They want to take our guns away from us. This is disgraceful.

As President, I won’t tolerate the Constitution being disrespected by anyone, believe me. I’ll see to it that anyone who disrespects the Constitution, or my rule as President, is thrown in prison. Journalists will have to be careful, very careful, what they write from now on. If they write anything that conflicts with our interpretation of the Constitution, they’ll be going to straight to jail.

I will make sure that our country is free from any groups that threaten the principles our great country was founded on. I will block any religious, political, cultural, ethnic, or national group that I find to be strange or foreign from entering our country, and if they’re already here, I’ll lock them all up without trial.

Our country has become soft on security, and our opponents don’t want us to use methods that could protect us from foreign threats: waterboarding, the rack, boiling in oil. We can’t be too careful, and we must not compromise on security.

There are already religious groups operating in our country that threaten the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. We must monitor every move of anyone suspected of involvement, in their homes, in their businesses, in their places of worship. If we have to, we’ll send soldiers into their homes to watch them, and seize from them anything they could use to harm us.

Our country and our Constitution are under threat from our enemies. We must defend the Constitution, and never allow anyone to take our guns away.

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