Stop the hordes of Canadian immigrants!

Canadian Flag

Our country is in serious trouble. Our way of life and the values we hold dear are under threat. Wave after wave of foreigners are flooding across our northern border, inundating our country. They don’t share our values, and they bring an alien culture hostile to our way of life.

We’re being overrun by Canadians. They’re not our friends. They’re taking our jobs and killing us economically, and they’re laughing at our stupidity.

When Canada sends its people to our country, they don’t send their best. They send people who have a lot of problems. They send terrorists. They send atheists. They send second-rate journalists full of lies and hate. They bring liberal values. They’re socialists. They’re feminists.

We need a complete shutdown of Canadian immigration to this country. No more Canadians should be allowed in, and Canadians who are already here should be sent back to Canada where they belong. We need to stop the horde of Canadian immigrants.

When I’m president, we won’t let any more Canadians into our country. We’ll build a wall along our northern border. The Canadians will stay on their side, and we’ll stay on this side. Unless the Canadians have oil, that is. If they have oil, we’ll take that from them as compensation for all the things they’ve done to our country. This wall will keep the Canadians and their socialist values and dishonest journalists out. I will start building it on my first day in office.

And the Canadians are going to pay for the wall with their socialist tax system. That’s all it’s good for anyway.

Do you have any idea how much tax they pay up in Canada? I don’t know either. But I sure wouldn’t want to pay that much tax. After all, I don’t pay any tax. That’s the great thing about living in a country that rewards business acumen and entrepreneurship.

We need to protect the values that make the United States the greatest country on Earth and keep out those who bring dangerous foreign influences. We need to make our workers do the jobs that immigrants have been taking, so they can learn the value of hard work. We need to strengthen our capitalist system and ensure that our corporate leaders continue to receive the adulation of the unwashed masses.

Together we can make America prostrate again!

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